ambassador program

  • part of our goal is to represent and be represented by the most badass and diverse group of climbers around. We want to see those climbers who have always been crushing but who haven’t yet been acknowledged or represented in the mainstream climbing media. 

  • we are searching for dedicated folx who support our mission, are willing to post at least once a week about our radical company on social media, and who are interested in writing about their experiences within the climbing world on our blog.

  • in return, we would love to send you a bunch of swag from our collection, feature you as an ambassador on social media and our marketing, and as we grow we are hoping to retain these relationships and ultimately turn your ambassadorship into a small income stream. we are a tiny company but are hoping to take off—this is your chance to get on board!

  • you will be the face of our company—with that said this is a huge responsibility. we are looking for folx who are already involved in social justice issues and who take a stand in their personal life/on social media, and are willing to call other folx in, to be an upstander and role model within the climbing world.

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